My name is Tash, I was in the travel industry for many years...During my time in travel, I worked on websites daily and closely with developers to build 5 new websites. I soon found that this was something I really enjoyed and was rather good at.

Fast-forward to March 2020…lockdown hit, and we all know how that went for the travel industry – NOT GOOD. I found myself having to reinvent my career to earn an income, so I decided to pursue my passion and start designing and building websites. Rolled together with my passion for technology, following the latest trends,love of customer service and an awesome team, we can offer the full package!

I have a keen eye for detail (bordering on OCD) and this trait truly helps with designing eye-catching, professional, custom-designed websites.

During my journey, I've met some amazing, beautiful people in various fields who are beyond impressive at what they do. I have partnered with them which allows me to incorporate their brilliance in your web design & company marketing requirements.
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